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Solbakken Foto


Since high school, I have been fond of capturing light, but it wasn't until the digital era, that my hobby developed.

January 2015, my profound interest for photography changed from hobby, to being a professional, by forming my company Solbakken Foto.

Widlife photography was what first captured my interest, as I found it the most challenging type of photography that I could think of. The light had to be right, the landscape and/or animal had to be in the right position, AND - the whole scene could disappear in seconds! In order to capture THE shot, the technique had to be just as quick and right too.

Nowadays, I try to be as allround as possible. My main assignments have been covering concerts, festivals, theatre plays, promos, portraits, confirmations, weddings and other events. 

- My best photo? It has not been captured yet!

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